Facts & Figures

SBU Azot

  • Manufactures nitrogen products for industrial and agricultural customers, and caprolactam
  • Comes first in the Russian nitrogen market by sales to industrial customers
  • Leading supplier of ammonium nitrate to the Russian mining industry
  • Accounts for 1/3 of overall caprolactam output in Russia and nearly 50 per cent of Russia’s total caprolactam exports
  • Key markets: South-East Asia (ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, caprolactam), Europe and Latin America (urea, ammonia), Russia’s Siberia and the Far East (technical ammonium nitrate)
  • In 2011 produced 1.6 million tonnes of ammonia, 2.6 million tonnes of nitrogen fertilisers and near 112 thousand tonnes caprolactam
  • Financial results (IFRS) for the year 2010: revenue - RUR 28.99 bln, EBITDA - RUR 5.83 bln, EBITDA margin - 20%