Strategic Goals

  • To provide consistent long-term value for shareholder and ensure company’s sustainable development
  • To establish a diversified fertilizer company delivering industry best results as measured by efficiency and profitability, and representing an essential CIS nitrogen market share in chosen market segments
  • To significantly contribute to Russia’s economic development and social well-being in the regions we operate in

Our long-term strategy is built on an optimum combination of both organic and non-organic growth strategies. Committed to delivering maximum efficiency and earnings growth we focus our efforts to achieve the following priorities:

  • To establish strong, low cost production facilities employing up-to-date, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies
  • To ensure growth both through mergers and acquisitions of existing independent competitive manufactures and through establishing new high-efficiency nitrogen products manufacturing facilities
  • To secure high operational efficiency of managed enterprises and realize synergies between company's business assets
  • To develop competitive innovative products and launch them into the market
  • To diversify business into other promising fertilizer market segments