Production Facilities

Kemerovo Azot , JSC (Kemerovo)
  Kemerovo Azot is the largest chemical plant in Western Siberia, Russia,serving the needs of farmers and industrial customers in Siberia, Russia, and Central Asia. The plant produces all primary nitrogen fertiliser products for agriculture, technical ammonium nitrate for mining industry and caprolactam for chemical industry. The plant's annual capacity totals 900 thousand tonnes ammonia, 900 thousand tonnes ammonium nitrate, 515 thousand tonnes urea, 305 thousand tonnes ammonium sulphate and 116 thousand tonnes caprolactam.

Angarsk Azotno-Tukovy Zavod (Irkutsk region)
The enterprise originates from Angarsk Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, which dates back to 1962. The plant produces nitrogen fertilisers and compounds, and has facilities for 200 thousand tonnes ammounium nitrate in annual capacity.