At SBU Azot we recognize that business can and must contribute to economic and social well-being of host communities. We strongly believe that being a good corporate citizen committed to responsible relationships with the society – employees, their families and local communities – benefits greatly its sustaining growth, value, and investment appeal.

Dedicated to making a positive societal and economic impact in the regions we have a presence in, SBU Azot promotes effective and mutually beneficial relations with all involved parties. The company carries on an open, positive dialogue with local authorities, partners, public, and trade-union organizations.

SBU Azot focuses on the following priorities in its social investments and activity:

  • To contribute to social and economic development of host communities trough:
    • involvement in regional investment projects
    • contribution to local socially significant initiatives
    • ensuring social guarantees and employment for the workforce
  • To maintain and advance industrial capacity in the regions through:
    • development of local industrial infrastructure
    • enhancement of manufacturing facilities
  • To have a positive effect on societal and environmental well-being in host communities through social investments

To maximize the impact of its social initiatives SBU Azot enters into social partnership agreements with the authorities in the regions of its operations. The agreements identify key targets and priorities in social and economic cooperation between the Company and the region; programs to support regional agriculture, and company’s involvement into regional social programs and national projects implementation.

Our charity and sponsor activities mean to support socially significant initiatives - in the field of culture, education, public health, environment protection and sports. At our enterprises there are social programs of pensioners and disabled people protection, and programs to support and develop both gifted children and children at risk.