At SBU Azot we consider careful and responsible relationship with the environment an integral part of our sustainable development strategy aimed at operational efficiency, profitability and shareholder value growth.

We are committed to constantly improve company’s environmental performance by introducing consistent environmental management system and efficient policies to reduce company’s ecological footprint.

SBU Azot adheres to the following principles in its approach to environmental management:

  • Strict compliance with legislative regulations and international standards in ecology and environmental protection
  • Concentration on environmental accidents prevention
  • Rational use of natural resources
  • Compulsory consideration of environmental aspects while developing and launching new production facilities
  • Effective cooperation with authorities and the society

Our efforts for reaching excellence in eco-efficiency focus on:

  • Improving energy consumption in operations
  • Reducing waste, emissions and discharges though:
    • upgrading production facilities and fixed assets
    • introducing up-to-date environment friendly technologies to meet international standards
    • removing out-of-date equipment and introducing novel technologies of emissions and discharges treatment
  • Continuous ecological monitoring of manufacturing operations safety
  • Developing and implementing target programs for environment quality control
  • Employing modern information technologies in environment monitoring systems
  • Relevant personnel training

Company’s environmental management system has obtained an ISO 14001:2004 international environment certificate. The system has been developed with due account of the largest international companies experience, legislative regulations and industrial standards. The system covers:

  • Identification and evaluation of environmental risks and potential impacts
  • Setting of measurable targets and objectives for environmental performance
  • Strict control over planning and implementation of ecological and environmental initiatives
  • Auditing and monitoring of environmental performance