At SBU Azot we recognize the vital importance of health and safety issues for the long-term success of our business. Our goal in health and safety performance is to drive down the risks of occupational injuries and health impacts of our operations to zero.

The company has established and continuously enhances a comprehensive health and safety program covering all our operations and every employee. The program establishes a set of standards and procedures mandatory for everyone at SBU Azot and targeting zero exposure of our workers to any occupational health and safety risks or hazards.

To secure safe and healthy working environment we recognize it essential to:

  • Develop and maintain personnel highest competency level
  • Concentrate on preventive tactics and eliminate the exposure risks
  • Ensure workplace sanitary and hygiene meet industry highest standards
  • Provide comfortable work and rest schedules for the workforce

Company enterprises are covered by Medical Care Programs, sanatorium-and-spa treatment programs and the program of voluntary medical insurance (VMI).

At the same time, we recognize that health and safety responsibility stems not only from the company’s management, but also from every employee. Therefore we introduce special programs for material and non-material encouragement of the workforce towards strict observance of safety procedures and technical requirements